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  • Lumigan (Latisse) Bimatoprost 0.03 %

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Order Latisse Information: Latisse has the active ingredient generic bimatoprost. Lumigan eye drops were first approved for the treatment of glaucoma and marketed by Allergan. An interesting and positive side effect discovered by these glaucoma patients using Lumigan eye drops, was that they noticed that they began growing thicker and longer eyelashes. This discovery became exctiting news for women who suffer from hypotrichosis, or short eyelashes. Allergan entered Lumigan into clinical studies for to promote thicker and longer eyelashe growth. The FDA approved bimatoprost for this purpose and Allergan began marketing it for growing eyelashes as Latisse.

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Latisse and Lumigan or both composed of bimatoprost .03%. Lumigan eye drops can be purchased here without a prescription for as low as $38 with guaranteed delivery and your complete satisfaction. If you want to buy Latisse and you've found a lower Lumigan online price, just email us the link and we will match it plus take an additional 5% off!

Also available quality generic bimatoprost

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Lumigan (Latisse) Bimatoprost 0.03 %

  • Brand Allergan
  • Product Code: Lumigan Allergan Brand - 3 ml bottle
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $39.00

  • Ex Tax: $39.00
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1 $39.00 0.00 % $0.00
2 $37.00 5.13 % $2.00
4 $33.00 15.38 % $6.00
6 $29.00 25.64 % $10.00

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